Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Horizon Services Group selects NASCENT gate control hardware for Hawaii Stevedores' gate system upgrade in Hawaii.

Hawaii Shippers to Benefit from More Efficient and Secure Terminal

Charlotte, North Carolina -- October 23, 2007 -- Horizon Services Group (HSG), the technology division of Horizon Lines, LLC selected NASCENT Technology, LLC.'s SYNAPSE TM gate control hardware for the gate system upgrade of Hawaii Stevedores, Inc's (HSI) terminal at the Port of Honolulu, Hawaii.  The new technology will benefit Hawaii shippers by enabling faster, more secure transit through the gate.

The SYNAPSE™ gate control hardware, which combines a host of gate control hardware and software including lane-mounted video cameras, video digitizers, Voice-over-IP (VOIP) communications, printers, bar-code scanners, and phone handsets, allows any clerk to remotely process visiting drivers at any of the entry and exit points at the terminal.

 “NASCENT and HSG’s dedication to improving transportation processes by employing innovative technology solutions is clear.  This common goal provides a certain synergy between the two companies that enables the quick and effective deployment of technology.  Having enjoyed two successful Horizon Lines’ terminal deployments last year, we look forward to working with HSG again on the Pier One HSI terminal” said Fabio Teti, NASCENT President.

About the Companies
Hawaii Stevedores, Inc., a subsidiary of Horizon Lines, Inc., is a full service provider of stevedoring and marine terminal services in Hawaii, with operations in all the commercial ports on Oahu and the Island of Hawaii.

Horizon Lines, Inc. is the nation’s leading Jones Act container shipping and integrated logistics company with a fleet of 21 U.S.–flag vessels and service routes linking the continental United States with Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Micronesia and Puerto Rico. A fully integrated service provider of ocean transportation, trucking, terminal and warehousing operations, Horizon Lines also owns Horizon Services Group, an organization with a diversified offering of transportation management systems and customized software solutions being marketed to shippers, carriers, and other supply chain participants. Horizon Lines, Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HRZ.

NASCENT Technology, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of System Development Resources, Incorporated, is the leading provider of technology-based solutions for the transportation industry. SYNAPSEƔ is NASCENT’s revolutionary suite of Terminal Automation Products specifically designed to provide advanced, scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of various clients.

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